The Path Taken

An old Sears’ catalog said: “an untied man is an untidy one.”  Men have been wearing neckwear for the last 300 years. This means this has been a source of fabric for quilters for a long time.  So, where are the quilts? Crazy quilts are often from dress fabric and are designed for embroidery and… Continue reading The Path Taken

Interfacing Men’s Ties

I make table runners, pillows, and quilts from men’s ties.  I use fusible Interfacing — often I use what I have in the house.  This is a good thing.   It is possible to construct almost any quilt pattern you can imagine — and the choice of which type makes less difference — the decision is… Continue reading Interfacing Men’s Ties

Stripes in Ties

I am still working with the Starry Path Quilt Block.  Many of my ties have strong contrasting stripes.  When I change the alignment along the edges of the triangle, things happen with the energy and the motion.  The smaller star points offer another design challenge.    Computer graphics show choices.  Now, I start seriously playing… Continue reading Stripes in Ties