Closet Full of Neckties

Starry Paths Pillow

This October I will talk to the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston on

Free Fabric?
Piecing with Men’s Ties

The following is written to entice people to attend:
Is your closet full of neckties?
Have you been saving the ties of someone special?
Do you have a bunch?
Is the fabric calling to you?
Do you want to see them to bring back memories?
Are you thinking Free Fabric?
Learn what to do with them. Techniques for taking them apart (deconstructing), washing and stabilizing will get you ready to use them. Come see quilts, pillows, table runners and objects d’art using these wonderful personal unique fabrics.
Feel free to bring one of your own and learn to fillet your tie.

Piecing with Neckties Workshop

There will be a workshop Saturday, October 17th.  This will cover pressing and piecing with non-traditional quilting fabrics.  Students make 8” or 12” Starry Path blocks, using freezer paper for pillow, wall hanging, or table runner.

A kit for $ 5.00 includes patterns to construct either the large 12” or smaller 8” blocks. Finished size will be determined by the number and arrangement of blocks.

Hopefully, I will not need to repeat my mantra: Your mom told you there is “NO FREE LUNCH”.  When you look at the box of neckties, remember those words.   Free fabric implies that no money changed hands.  This free fabric requires an investment of “sweat equity”.  That disclaimer repeated again, everyone will get ready to enjoy using those small slippery, cut on the bias, not intended for handling, used fabrics.

Starry Paths Wall Hanging


Getting Ready

Before class, students will need to deconstruct their ties.  The following lists the procedure.
• Remove label carefully. (Save label)
• Open seam. Clip tacking at both ends.
• Beginning at the smaller end of the tie, find the thickish thread that runs the length of the tie. Pull.
• Remove interfacing. (If saving, ask yourself, why?) Leave the lining on tie.
• Wash ties (or be the one who wished they had washed the ties)
In washer,  with regular laundry
7-10 ties per lingerie bag
Regular detergent, cold water
Gentle cycle
Hand wash ties,  if this would be more comfortable to you
• Dry
Drip dry on hangers
In dryer, still in bag! Ties tangle too easily!!)
• Press on wrong side.
Mark tie tack holes with marker unless you will cover hole with something
Spots – Fading – does it add? Answer often depends on intent
Cover the ironing board with towel.
Check iron temperature
Use mist, if ties are dry
Great opportunity to fuse stabilizer to ties
• Sort pressed ties by color
• Store on hangers, in box to prevent wrinkles, handling
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