The Path Taken

An old Sears’ catalog said: “an untied man is an untidy one.”  Men have been wearing neck-wear for the last 300 years. This means this has been a source of fabric for quilters for a long time.  So, where are the quilts? Crazy quilts are often from dress fabric, and designed for embroidery and embellishment.… Continue reading The Path Taken

Stripes in Ties

I am still working with the Starry Path Quilt Block.  Many of my ties have strong contrasting stripes.  When I change the alignment along the edges of the triangle, things happen with the energy, the motion.  The smaller star points offer another design challenge.    Computer graphics show choices.  Now, I start the serious playing… Continue reading Stripes in Ties

How Many Ties Will I Need for Starry Path Block?

How many ties do you want to use? Do you have STRIPED ties? Big Geometric ones? Will you make one pillow? Wall hanging? Shown are 5 different arrangements of single block. All require the same amount of fabric and patience. Which layout best uses the ties you have? When you decide, you will know how… Continue reading How Many Ties Will I Need for Starry Path Block?

Closet Full of Neckties

Starry Paths Pillow

This October I will talk to the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston on Free Fabric? Piecing with Men’s Ties The following is written to entice people to attend: Is your closet full of neckties? Have you been saving the ties of someone special? Do you have a bunch? Is the fabric calling to you? Do… Continue reading Closet Full of Neckties